About us

Snuskick is located in vibrant Dubai and is a well-known e-commerce center dedicated to offering premium nicotine pouches to a discerning international audience. Our curated collection is deeply rooted in Denmark and Sweden, nations renowned for their longstanding expertise in the production of high-quality nicotine pouches. While Europe is our primary market, due to the ever-growing demand and potential, our goal is also to make a significant impact on the landscape in Dubai.

At Snuskick, we harness the momentum of two key global shifts: the increasing preference for smokeless tobacco alternatives and the dynamic e-commerce sector. Our mission is straightforward - to promise an impeccable online shopping experience, highlighted by a wide product range, ironclad security, timely deliveries, and unparalleled customer support.

As a brand that stands for responsibility, we place great emphasis on age verification and relevant health warnings to promote informed consumption. Driven by the desires and needs of our customers, our goal is crystal clear: to position Snuskick as the leading online hub for nicotine pouches, elevate the purchasing journey for our customers, and deliver high value for all involved stakeholders.